This is Joey.  Joey is a quaker parrot, oddly enough.   When I think of “parrots”, I always think of macaws.. you know… large birds.   But this one is quite small, about the size of a cockateil.

Joey’s been slow to learn words, but after two years, he’s acquired a few, like “Joey” (must be said in a tone that reflects the sentiment, “What terrible thing have you been doing?”) and “step up” (meaning he should be climbing up onto a person’s finger, but he ignores that part).

He also makes “tsk” sounds, gives me little beak kisses (sometimes lunges at my nose, which hurts, thank you) and chatters something unrecognizable ocassionally.

I’ve been trying to teach Joey to say, “Here, kitty kitty”, although we have no cat.   I also have tried to teach him to make a bomb explosion sound, for no apparent reason other than I saw another bird do it on t.v.  🙂   So far, no luck.


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