Who Am I?

I’m sitting here listening to my iPod and one of my new downloads, “Who Am I?” by Point of Grace.    This song reminds me of a few hours earlier, when I was driving home from work and noticed, far off in the distance, a formation of clouds.   In the midst of the formation, a break in them allowed a concentrated stream of light to shine through.

Aside from a rainbow or a meteor shower, this is probably one of the most beautiful sights in the sky to me.   Paintings are made from it.  

It was at that moment that I began to think of how peaceful my week had been.  In the midst of the “Terrible-Cold-I’m-Going-To-Pass-Out” day, the frequent demands at work, etc., etc., it’s been a serene week for me, touched by small things (and maybe a few larger ones) that made me want to say “thank you for the gifts” to whomever allowed me to receive them.

To me, the gifts came from whatever power lies behind life, whatever is guiding our destinies, whatever allows a moment (or two) of peace to envelope us.   Maybe that is God, or the wind, maybe fate, or perhaps a chef creating something interesting out of the ingredients of our world. 


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