Wednesday Things

Well, let’s start with Tuesday.   When I got to work, there were 39 unread emails waiting for me.   Normally, I have 1 or 2.    The job descriptions are all changing.   I have to convert Word documents to PDF, save them to the server and then link them up appropriately.   By the end of the day, I had over 60 in total.    It’s going to be a busy day, just with that, and mark my words, there will be a ton else to do.   🙂

My mom has been so kind to send, what I think is, her entire collection of vintage cookie cutters.   My daughter asked why.   I told her that some of them are hard to come by, and grandma must want us to make cookies.

It is freezing here.   Yesterday in the afternoon, the temperature was 7 degrees.   The windchill was -14.   My boss said that it was really cold outside, just having returned from lunch.   I went out expecting to be frozen.   It was just another cold day to me.   Once you’re below freezing, the temperature all seems the same to me.


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