Contact Lenses

Something odd happened at the eye doctor today.   I thought a long time about whether or not I wanted new glasses or I wanted to switch to contacts.   They had an interesting idea.   Since I need bifocals, they opted to make my dominant eye the one which can see far away, giving me a contact lens with the correct prescription, -4.25.    The other eye will be the eye that reads close-up, so it got a reading glass prescription of -3.0 (normally -4.5ish).   

It’s an adjustment.   Sometimes my eyes get confused as to what they are supposed to be looking at (close up or far away) and I have to close them and reopen them to get back to normal.    A couple of hours into the new process, I think I’m doing pretty good.

At first, I have to admit, I thought, “No freaking way!”, but after the doctor suggested that I should try it because I would have no need for reading glasses, I opted to try it for a week.    Then I could really read AND I could really see far away…   Wow!


4 thoughts on “Contact Lenses

  1. Jen

    Wow that’s neat that they can do that eh? I would love to get the surgery to correct my eyes so I wouldn’t have to put up with glasses ever again.

    Mind you I’ve only been wearing glasses for about 2 or so years


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