Working Out

Just got done working out on this thing.   It’s been sitting in the corner of the “computer room” for awhile.   Frankly, I couldn’t figure out how to set it up from its resting stage… until I pulled a pin out, and then it snapped into place.   🙂  I’m just not good at putting things together, ok?   Even at work, when someone hands me something weird and audio-visual looking, just hand me the instructions, please.  🙂

I enjoy working out.. it’s one of those things I’ve had on the back burner for awhile that I want to pick up again.     Conveniently enough, my computer display is right by the machine, so it’s easy enough to pull up the exercise instructions online, and start working out.

If it wasn’t so darn cold outside, I might even go jogging, which is very unlike me, but not entirely out of the question.


3 thoughts on “Working Out

  1. gemmak

    Lol @ working out in front of the pc…it would be about the only thing to make it bearable I imagine! ;o) Good for you tho for making the effort :o)

  2. Lisa

    Gem – Well, the benefit of the screen is so I can see the exercise chart. It helps me figure out what to do. 🙂

    Ian – LOL. Exercise is good. Jogging… I’m not entirely sold on that yet. hehe


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