Too Funny

Sometimes, as I go through my day, I think, “Hey, I should blog about that…”.  I had several moments like that today, and now I can’t remember any of them.   🙂

I think by the time I made it half through the day, my friend Gem was probably ready to dump a barrel of chocolate over my head and tell me (quite nicely) to shut up.   Hormone overload.   Send help.  Now.  

It snowed a ton here yesterday.   It was all wet snow.   It melted on the ground, then froze overnight.  It made for some interesting footage on the news.   A man in a pickup truck found out how slick it was .. just a little too late… then slid into two cars.   At first, I was watching the damage happen, but then, when it replayed later?   I watched the driver’s reaction, and boy was he pissed!   I don’t blame him.  Stupid driving is hard to overcome.  Just ask me.  🙂

I, however, made it to work in one piece.   Did some work.   Had a nice chat over lunch.   Came home.   Ate fish.   And here I am.

Forgetting what I was going to blog about. 


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