Iranian President Visits Iraq

This story is rather interesting.     I think the title could have been better-phrased.   Afterall, I’m not quite sure that “No One Likes Americans” is actually what was being said here; only that it’s not believed Americans should have crossed the ocean and been a major part of a coalition to “straighten out Iraq”.   No one likes the Coalition Forces which are predominantly American, according to the Iranian president.   It’s his opinion.  He’s entitled.   But the media are hoping to get your attention with the lovely title.

On a philosophical level, what I wonder is whether or not, in the end, this war will go down in the history books as a good or bad thing.    It’s not that I don’t believe Hussein was a tyrant.     It’s that, if you take matters into your hands and elect to do the thing which seems right, based on whatever ideals you have onhand at the moment (I’m not arguing one side over the other, mind you), how do you guarantee that the end result will be desirable.

Maybe a guarantee is too much to ask.   Maybe it is a hope.   Should we hope that Iraq will be a better place to live with a government they can live with ten years from now?   And the big question… was it up to us?    I’m not siding.  I’m just looking at the big picture.

I think it’s beneficial, however, to sit on the sidelines and not throw a fit about who Iraq has diplomatic relations with.    


2 thoughts on “Iranian President Visits Iraq

  1. Fletch

    We fear that which we do not understand… Iran.

    The sad thing is we have lost some of knowledge learnt in centuries past. Throughout history there have been (rare admittedly), occasions where Islam has coincided happily with Christianity and other religions (India, Spain, etc.).

    These ‘Oasis’ came from periods of understanding, tolerance and the ‘will’ to abstain from force as an acceptable solution. (And it’s worth noting, in these periods of history it’s was the Muslims that were more tolerant than others.)

  2. Lisa

    Oh, I suppose I could get into a long dialog about this, but I’m not gonna. What you said is true: We fear what we don’t know. That is partially why, when anyone (running for office) mentions that the US should talk to Iran, I cringe. There are countries that Iran respects the opinion of. The US is not obviously one of those places. Let the diplomats who can talk, talk. 🙂 We have a UN, right?

    I don’t think any religion is bad, as long as the people involved are practicing the actual religion and not a convenient derivative thereof. And that opinion applies across the board. 🙂


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