Two Year Review

Today marked my 2 year anniversary at the company I work for.    Coincidentally, my appraisal happened to be ready for my review, as well.   It was a really good appraisal.   My manager is under the impression that I do good work (hehe).   I got high marks, which made me kind of snicker, really, because to me, what I do doesn’t seem *that* difficult.     I troubleshoot computers for a living.    I also get to play with hardware upgrades/repairs, maintain the Intranet/Internet sites, acquire hardware/software, load PC’s, write documentation, handle projects here and there, software licensing and train people, train people, train people.   And I train people.   🙂

Overall, it’s a really good job.   The rules are reasonably lax.  My coworkers have me laughing almost every day, except when I’m frustrated that the Microsoft Open License website will not give me my downloads  (this is where I whine to one of my favourite Microsoft Partners and I’m told “yes, it’s Microsoft.  Get used to it.”)   Or, there was that one instance where I had to update over 100 job postings on the Intranet at one time and I was not in the mood to be disturbed for anything but life-threatening emergencies.

I can see, somedays, where it would pay to be a programmer, iPod carefully affixed to my ears, while programming lines and lines of code that created something useful in the end.   I imagine a “Do Not Disturb Me.    I’m in THE ZONE” sign hanging on the wall.

As it is, I’m mostly a customer service person, with a technical background, who gets interrupted a lot and figures out which thing is the most important thing to do first, without much supervision.   But that’s ok.  Apparently, I’m doing an ok job of it.   🙂


2 thoughts on “Two Year Review

  1. punctuation

    I don’t use “do not disturb” signs, I use pure body language – it says “speak to me and you die”. 😀

    Oh yes, the iPod (or MediaPlayer) is essential; that way I don’t have to listen to the howls of pain from my colleagues working in technical support.

    Support tech: “That’s odd, it’s almost like there’s no power to the unit”.

    Customer: “Oh, do I need to turn it on first?”

    Support tech: [slightly suicidal and sobbing] “Yes, it runs on electricity, if you don’t turn it on then it doesn’t work”.

    Customer: [As if revealed profound truth] “Ohhhh”.

  2. Lisa Post author

    I can just imagine the “speak to me and you die” glance. 🙂 It’s the evil eye look, isn’t it?

    Some days, I put on the iPod, too… especially when I have something requiring a lot of concentration to do, like my Intranet maintenance.

    Of course, my coworkers see the earphones in my ears and, just to see me take them out and say, “WHAT?!”, they talk to me anyway.

    They’re weird like that. I need a better glance, I’m thinking.


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