A day off

It was quite nice to have the day off today.   I cleaned a little, watched 1/2 a soap opera, chatted for awhile and cooked dinner, while attending to my “feeling much better” child with the strep throat.   The one who owes grandma her undying ouchgratitude for the shot in the leg.   🙂   (no, she will never live that down)

I don’t think I’ve laughed as much as I did today in the last several (4, to be exact) days.   It was nice, in an “Oh Thank God!” sort of way.      I’m lucky to have good people in my life who contribute to my overall well-being.   🙂

After dinner, I’m going to run off to the gym, where I’ve been every day for the last couple of days (just joined it, actually).   I’m excited to be walking/jogging on a treadmill, swimming laps and doing some weightlifting.    And it’s a little “me time”, which everyone needs, right?    I think my abs would disagree right now, after 2 days of surprise intense training.  I might give them a break tonight, though.   They may actually come in useful for silly things, like being able to sit up.

 DID YOU KNOW.. that people actually do this with Mars bars?   It ALMOST reminds me of this thing that Green Giant is now doing with vegetables, but hopefully more calorie/fat intensive.    I suppose, as a snack, the nugget approach to vegetables beats letting them eat candy.   But really, I still can’t see buying them.   My daughter was perfectly happy with actual fresh steamed broccoli last night.   Yay!


5 thoughts on “A day off

  1. Fletch

    That was close… I thought the Mars Bar Link was gonna be some sordid reference to d Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger (disappointed now ;O) )…

    Anyways, deep fried Bounty Bars (Dark), are best :O)

    Ciao Ciao

  2. Lisa Post author

    Jamie – Thanks!

    Fletch – lol… Candy is bad enough without frying it. 🙂 I can’t imagine.

    Apple – Motivation: Being in control of my body (or something, to be more specific).. Wanting to look better… feeling stronger as I go. All good benefits. Another key for me… “Go every day”. Start finding excuses and you’ll find more where those came from. You can do it! 🙂


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