Prescription Drugs In My Drinking Water

This would explain a lot, actually.  🙂  I wonder what sort of drugs are in my drinking water…  Xanax?  Oxycodone?   I knew there was a reason why I should back off the water and drink Diet Coke instead.

The news thinks that the reason (in addition to lack of good enough filtering) drugs might be in the drinking water has to do with the amount of drugs not absorbed into the body, then excreted in the toilet.   I, for one, prefer to think of my water coming from some virgin spring somewhere… not someone’s toilet.

Also, I imagine a lot of people, when cleaning out their medicine cabinets, flush their unused or unneeded medication.  Don’t you?

After a surgery a few years ago, I took some Oxycodone and some blood thinning meds to my work for disposal.  The pharmacist said, “Thanks for not flushing them.  We have enough chemicals in our water already.”   I’m not sure what they do with the leftover drugs.


2 thoughts on “Prescription Drugs In My Drinking Water

  1. jenny

    my water does come from a virgin underground spring (200+ foot deep artesian well) and still, the thought of the stuff in drinking water kind of freaks me out…even if it’s in trace amounts.

    Reverse osmosis is where it’s at.

    I live in a town that is basically full of resevoirs for other cities (but we have no muni water supply). You can’t swim in them or even ice fish on them. But you can boat in a few of them. Weird. But it’s all about testing and treatment capabilitites.


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