Work Stuff

I’ve spent the last couple of days lulling myself into Intranet revision, which is a tad different than Internet revision, unless you have 123 separate pages to maintain (I need to cut that back, granted… it’s an inherited project).   

You see, someone had the idea to provide Blackberry devices to management, which is very nice, but then it came to my attention that the website didn’t display quite right on them, and the java menu we’d been using for navigation was not available via the Blackberry.

 So, after some Googling (strange how that’s a slang term now for “searching the Internet”, isn’t it?), I figured out how to write a cascading stylesheet for handheld devices.    It tested out quite nicely, but I ended up having to poke around Google again to get some special media coding to apply site-wide.

It wasn’t too much of a mystery really… just a find/replace procedure.  (duh!)

And I got the java menu sorted out by applying an element only visible to handheld devices.. a menu of sorts, written in HTML.  It sounds all boring, but I didn’t even have to Google that part of it, so I was quite happy when it just turned out right.

I could spend hours on web design of this sort alone (sorry.. no fancy Flash, PHP or CGI, for you programming people).      Those hours and hours of work with blog design and HTML/CSS coding ages ago finally turned out something I actually get paid to do.   Which is nice.

 This will end my technical speech of the day.  Sorry.


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