… there is a Nebraska hat in the UK.    It’s up to you to find it.   Go ahead.

I’ve had a long, boring day, really, but one of the highlights involved meeting my friend, Lori (not a truck, btw), for lunch.   We went to this place called La Casa which has extraordinary italian food, for a little “hole-in-the-wall”.      We had a salad with house dressing (very tart; very nice) and beef pizza.   The odd thing about their pizza is that there is no mozzarella cheese ontop.   There is cheese mixed into the sauce or topping, but you cannot see it.    Very yummy.   We *really* must go someday.   Call me when you have time open, ok?

I am cooking my favourite pasta recipe from one of my favourite chefs tonight.   I think cooking is relaxing.   I’ve been tempted to sip the margarita mix, but have not.   I’m not promising anything.   🙂


6 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Lisa

    Dave – Yes, but it sounds the same. 🙂 This is not a spelling test. hehe

    Ian – Hmmm… the blog is too loud and you are trying to sleep? 🙂

    Jane – The Nebraska hat 🙂 hehe 😉


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