I can’t resist

My parents are officially Abbott and Costello.

I checked my telephone for messages and saw that I had missed a call from my parents’ phone number at 4:44.   I called them back.   They both answer the phone.   It went something like this:

Me:   Hi… I saw someone called…

My Dad:   Was it from our phone number?

Me:  Ummm (laughing).. yes!   You called my cell phone at 4:44.

My mom:   Was it 4:44 in the morning or the afternoon?

Me:  (laughing some more)   WHICH ONE OF YOU CALLED ME?!

My mom:  I DID!

Me:  Was it in the morning or the afternoon?

My mom:   The afternoon!   What were you doing sleeping at 4:44 in the afternoon?

Me:   (pretty sure that I have at least one witness to attest to the fact that I was not sleeping at 4:44 in the afternoon)  WHAT?

My dad:  laughing

My Mom:   You said you were sleeping?

Me:   I did not

My Mom (to my dad):   Didn’t she say she was sleeping?

Me:   What do you people want??

My Mom:   We wanted to tell you we mailed you a package.

Me:   Is it your marijuana collection?

My Mom:   Why would we send you THAT?   (hahahahaha)

Me:   (shaking head and laughing)

My dad:   So watch your door.   Go now.

 And this is where my mother and father go on about the business of talking to each other through their own phones, where they are a floor apart at the most.

Me:  Well, I’m going to let you guys talk to each other, ok?    🙂


5 thoughts on “I can’t resist

  1. Lisa

    Ian – Hehe… I just beat him to the punch is all. I told my dad during this conversation that I was going to blog about it. It was just too good to pass up.

    Apple – True that.


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