The Easter List

It’s get off my arse and have Easter time:

  1. TLK has a new, pretty dress and no hosiery or shoes to go with it.    It’s shopping time.
  2. Decorate hard-boiled eggs.
  3. Find someone to eat the hard-boiled eggs… but that will come later.
  4. Go to the Easter egg hunt (10:30 this morning…ergh.. it is COLD outside)…  Harvest lots of candy (this may not be a bad thing for mommy… extra chocolate is sometimes required, IYKWIM.)
  5. Put the infamous Easter basket together and make it look like the bunny did it instead.
  6. Hide said basket somewhere (I used to re-hide my brothers’ baskets in the dishwasher)   🙂
  7. Go to Easter brunch.  This is tomorrow with my FIL, who tends to “go solo” for all holidays unless he’s invited to do something.  
  8. This weekend will also require some trips to the gym… where I plan to do a lot of running and some weight training.   (better than chocolate or shopping, therapeutically speaking)

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