Mistakes, I’ve Made A Few

People screw up everyday.   This is not a negative statement; just a realistic one.    Intelligent, loving, well-meaning people sometimes make an error in judgement and say or do something silly, or even stupid.   

It’s unfortunate that a mistake can only be caught after-the-fact… whether it’s realised a second later or an hour later.. or days later.   The key to mistakes, I think, is learning from them. 

Too many times, I’ve wished for a delete key in my life.    I could delete something I’ve said or written and make the receiving party forget it ever happened.     But this would be unfair.   Do you want to know why?   It would make me seem perfect, when clearly I am not.    I don’t set out to make mistakes (who does?)    I don’t set out to hurt people I care about.   I don’t enjoy screwing up projects or playing bumper cars on the interstate.    I’m not happy when I’m impatient.   Letting people down?  Not my idea of entertainment.

All I can do is:

1.  feel remorse;

2.  realise the mistake and claim responsibility for it;

3.  apologize; and

4.  learn from it.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who more readily forgive my mistakes than I forgive myself.   Or, in some cases feel, “There’s nothing to forgive.”   🙂


12 thoughts on “Mistakes, I’ve Made A Few

  1. daffy

    Your words are words we need reminding of on occasion I think. Forive and be forgiven. We are not perfect and a little give and take and understanding goes a long way to help us in a journey that can be quite arduous on the best of the days!

  2. flighty

    I’m always slightly suspicious of so called perfection! I also wish that there were more people who would admit their mistakes and apologise. Instead there seems to fewer, especially in the government and business. They want the status without responsibility and usually try to blame others. Leading by good example no longer seems to apply to them.
    It’s little wonder that the world seems to be a less caring place at times.

  3. Lisa Post author

    Daffy – Exactly. Sometimes, it’s all about making the journey just a little better. 🙂

    Fletch – Who told you that? 🙂

    Flighty – True… they are hiding behind a facade, of sorts, where fibbing is more impersonal, I think, and even somewhat expected. Sadly.

    In answer to your comment about a less caring place, I remember something someone important to me once said… “do at least one good thing every day – just because you can. Tell no-one you did it”.

    I think if we start with our own world, things can at least seem immediately better around us. 🙂

  4. gemmak

    Hey…..we all make mistakes, by their very definition they are not intentional, they are motivated by the fact that we are human and have the ability to think. Unfortunately our thought processes aren’t always quite as we would like them to be. Motivated sometimes by that other thing that makes us human, emotion, often results in us making decisions, however large or small that we might otherwise consider differently. Mistakes are rarely more than differing opinions or differing understanding of a set of circumstances. Don’t beat yourself up girl! ;o)

    Oh…..and yes Fletch, who told you that? ;o)

  5. punctuation

    You worry WAY too much about things. 🙂

    A couple of tidying up comments:

    1) Good sentiment on the doing one good thing every day. 😉

    2) Fletch is not perfect, I am. There’s not enough room in the world for two perfect beings…I got there first so I pull rank.

    3) Gemmak is right. 🙂

  6. Lisa

    Of course Gem is right. She’s a girl! 🙂

    You are… rather…perfect, really. lol Just for today, though. You can’t have this type of honour everyday.

  7. Jen

    Hey you everything all right?

    This is a really good post about mistakes. and I enjoyed reading the comments too. I’ve made way more mistakes than I’d ever like to admit, but do anyway… and the hardest ones took more than once to learn from them. sigh.

  8. irishpisky

    I think I have previously told the story of a famous choir conductor who never criticised any of his choristers at practices. All that happened was that, if they made a mistake, they simply put a hand up briefly and then put it down again.

    No comment was made….none was necessary. …..

    I know that if I make a mistake in the car, I would love to have some flashing sign on the roof, where I could say ‘SORRY’

    Maybe we could work out some system for life in general.


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