Yesterday, I shut my finger in the car door.    It was not fun.   Always remove your hand from range of a car door which is closing. 


8 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Jen

    Oh dear! ouch ouch ouch!!! Maybe there can be a bright side? Um.. order in as much as you can so you don’t have to cook, get someone to scrub your back in the bath for you? Umm… thank God for two hands so you can still type 🙂

  2. daffy

    I bet you lose that nail now!
    Ouch indeed… it sure looks sore!
    (I always wince when I see my kids with their fingers near doors… door hinges… anything to do with a door. I once accidentally shut my girls finger in a door when she was very samll. I never forgave myself!

  3. Lisa

    Daffy – Awww… you should forgive yourself! Accidents happen. Who knew that elbows popped out of sockets (nursemaid’s elbow, actually… it’s not the socket.. it’s just the tendon that gets wrapped the wrong way) ? 🙂

    I may lose the nail, but it’s actually looking much better.

    Fletch – Lol… just now started. TYVM!


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