Silly Stuff

So here is the funny story (or maybe you had to be there).

I was reading an email from my mother and leaving voice mail for an inhouse end user at the same time.   

At some point during the voice mail, I lost track of who I was talking to, and said “Love you… no…er… WAIT!  Sorry about that.. I was just reading an email..”   Then, it occurred to me that I have the ability to DELETE VOICE MAIL!    So I ran back to the end user’s desk and deleted the voicemail.

This was only AFTER the manager on the other side of my cubicle heard the whole thing.

Yesterday, she decided to share this with my friends in IT while I was sitting there… “Hey, Lisa?  Did you tell them what you did the other day?   It was SO funny!”

Her way of recanting the story was SO hilarious.    I was in tears because I laughed so hard.  

 My manager then said, “I’ve done that same thing.. only with my boss… while I was standing in the room with him.”

Which caused me to laugh again!   I said, “How could you do that standing right in front of the person you were saying it to??” 

He said, “I was distracted and had a lot going on.”  (I can understand this, actually)

“What did your boss say?”

“He said, ‘Well, I’m quite fond of you, too.’   Then I apologized and explained that I had been preoccupied.”

The HR lady had come in during the conversation and also said, “I’ve done that, too!   I had my ex-husband on the phone and said it out of habit.  When I realised what I’d done, I said, ‘Uhh… sorry about that…  No I don’t’.   And then he said, ‘I know’.”

So I’m not alone.   But the whole concept of “not paying attention enough” is just hilarious.

What silly thing have you said while preoccupied with something else?


7 thoughts on “Silly Stuff

  1. daffy

    It is very funny Lisa, I’m laughing out loud as I read it but I do think your HR lady is the best! Classic!
    I laugh when my daughter calls me ‘Miss’ or puts her hand up to talk to me!
    You gotta’ laugh! :o)

  2. Dave Goodman

    My boss called me into his office one day and asked if it was okay to move our weekly project meeting to another day. I said sure, and quipped that it was okay “as long as you don’t tell Norm.” Norm was a consultant who sat in on our meetings that my team didn’t like.

    Then I hear Norm’s voice on the speakerphone, “Too late!”


  3. Bulldog

    I called more than one of my teachers “mom.”

    Mrs. Bulldog called a female Nebraska highway patrol officer “Sir,” . . . but it was deserved. She was muy macho – the officer, not Mrs. B. :o)

  4. gemmak

    Lol…excellent :o)

    During a phone conversation with a member of staff who wouldn’t be where I wanted him to be in a moment of semi emergency I forgot I was also holding a tannoy too….and screamed at him in rather indelicate language to stop being difficult and move his ****** a*se post haste, to where I needed him …….a conversation that was relayed right around the very large store via a loud and clear P.A. system! :o/

    Thankfully my manager *finally* saw the funny side of it though I suspect only because the customers thought it was hilarious.

  5. Lisa

    The other day, the little kid called me “Miss” in front of her friend who was sobbing because her dad had just left. I asked her friend, “See what happens?” (she and I had just talked about this the other day, when she accidentally called her dad “Mom”. I said, “I get that ALL the time.”) Her friend had to laugh.


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