A Saturday At Work

I had to work today.  The mission was to ensure that technical equipment was functional at a conference my job was sponsoring.   The theme involved treating cancer patients from a medical and psychological perspective.    

The gist of this is that I had to turn on a CD player when music was required, ensure a microphone was working when people wanted to speak, project some powerpoint presentations on a screen, and anticipate (sometimes in a failing manner) when to hit “page down” to the next slide.   🙂

The nice part of this was that I actually “got something” out of the presentations, aside from the little boxes of chocolates the marketing team gave me.  🙂     For example, people who wake up consistantly at 3 or 4 am may be experiencing a surge of Cortisol, due to stress.

There was also a nice relaxation technique, taught by one of the presenters:

Focus on something in the room.  Don’t take your eyes off of it for the duration of the exercise:

Think about 5 things you can see (in your peripheral vision)

Think about 5 things you feel

Think about 5 things you hear.

Think about 4 things you can see….

and keep going down to 1.

By the time you get through 1, you should be more relaxed.  If not, go back to 5 and do it again.


6 thoughts on “A Saturday At Work

  1. Bulldog

    If I’m in a place where I can see 15 things, hear 15 things and feel fifteen things, I am NOT going to be calmer . . . and it’s certainly not going to put me to sleep.

    1 sheep . . . 2 sheep . . .3 sheep . . .

  2. Fabulous

    This sounds good. But i think it will def help me fall asleep. If i am over tired i normally close my eyes and think about fields and fields of green grass.

  3. Lisa

    Fab – Do your fields have sheep? 🙂 Actually, this relaxation technique was developed by a man who was very abused in his childhood and required some method of relaxing enough to fall asleep. Sad, but true.


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