During my childhood, I spent some time watching British TV.    This may sound a little odd coming from a person living in the middle of the United States, but it’s true.  Fact is, my dad seemed to love the humour these men brought to Public TV via Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

I loved the splashes of colour and odd objects introducing the show.

I loved the silly walks and the Dead Parrot routine, and the Archbishop skits.     I laughed and laughed every time I watched the show.

I recently told this to someone I know who lives in the UK, and the response was, “Did you grow up in a British household?”

No, but sometimes it felt like it.   

I really must get out and get my own copy of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.  


10 thoughts on “MPFC

  1. Bulldog

    You’re obviously channeling your 10th great-grandfather, Sir Leonard Halliday, Lord Mayor of London, 1605. I heard that he was a master of silly walks.

    And what happened during his tenure, you ask? Well, remember, remember, the fifth of November . . .

  2. Fletch


    Schlip! Schlap! Schlap away all day…
    Finland, Finland, Finland, thats the country for me…

    Ohhh… you said ‘England’… Sorry…

    Well it had a ‘Mayor’ in it!

    (You’ve got that tune in your head now haven’t you…. :O) You simply can’t go wrong, with traditional fish-schlapping song… Finland, Finland, Finland… The place I long to be…)

  3. gemmak

    Lol…my father worked on those, I think by the time they hit the air I was already sick of them…ok, I never liked them much anyways!….or I just didn’t ‘get’ them.

  4. daffy

    I’m with Gemmak…. I don’t think I ever got them! My husband will watch Jaberwocky (spelling?) over and over but I can’t watch it! I remember my mum once saying that John Cleese was ‘too stupid to laugh at!’, I’m not sure if that is true as I couldn’t stop laughing watching his antics in Fawlty Towers!
    If you ever want someone to pick you some dvds up, if its easier to get them over here just let me know!


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