When Thursdays Are Not Fun

 This morning was my first day at work this week. I began the day by having the wrong idea about which school my daughter’s afterschool care was in today. They are on Spring Break, but I can pay for her to spend the entire day at a consolidated site (several schools send kids in need of daycare during the break to a couple of sites throughout the school system).

The problem is, the consolidated site keeps moving.  I looked up today’s consolidated site on the Internet and everything was worked out.

I’ve been majorly distracted lately.     What can I say?     I need to get my act together and at least focus.

Then, the power went off at the office. It might be out for a half hour more. The only reason I am able to type this now is because I have a laptop with a charged battery and a broadband card that gets me to the Internet. 🙂

Tomorrow, I am travelling with a group to Kansas City for a business trip. I will be gone Friday through Monday night. There is supposed to be snow.   Snow and a 3 hour trip.   Fun.  🙂

I asked my daughter yesterday if she was going to miss me over the weekend. She shook her head “no”. I started to get teary-eyed. She said, “I’ll miss you mom! But not just a little. A whole bunch!” She’s so sweet.

How’s your day?



4 thoughts on “When Thursdays Are Not Fun

  1. flighty

    My day’s been good! the weather has been sunny and warm so I spent a busy, but enjoyable, morning working on the plot.
    I don’t envy you the trip or the snow, but enjoy yourself if you can! xx

  2. Lisa

    Gem – We are driving. Hopefully, not in snow. 🙂

    Flighty – I envy your sunny weather. It is cold and rainy here, but it’s going to be in the mid-70’s F next week. Good for you.. working on the plot. How exciting to see things starting to grow, yes?

  3. Lisa

    Turns out that the power did not come on until 11:30, so I got to go home for several hours, where I did a few chores, answered email, and then watched tv. It didn’t turn out so bad, afterall. 🙂


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