Trip to Kansas City

For the last 4 days, I’ve been vacationing, err.. attending a conference here, in Kansas City, Missouri.    My bed looked JUST like this… it was extra comfy and had lots of pillows.    

I attended a conference for some healthcare software my company uses, and a national user group meeting.  There were some boring spots, but I also learned some things, too.    It was interesting to hear about how other healthcare agencies dealt with scheduling issues and technical issues.    And we had lots of food.   And even some beer.

Here’s something not to do, though.  You see, I was very exhausted the last morning.    I missed my daughter and therefore would not sleep past 4am.   After day 3, I was worn completely out.   So… I made coffee in my room with the automatic coffee maker.    I poured the water in the receptacle, put the coffee in the spot where the coffee goes, turned on the machine, and totally neglected putting the carafe where it goes.

This is not to be tried at home.   Coffee goes everywhere.    Trust me on this.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself (instead of calling yourself a complete idiot).   🙂

It’s good to be back at my normal job, though…    because I get to pass out some stuff I was doing before that I have to get off my plate so I can begin to support this software the conference was all about.   Yay!

No more Microsoft Licensing and no more hardware purchasing.   And no more computer loading.   Life is good.    🙂  I love Ian.


7 thoughts on “Trip to Kansas City

  1. Lisa

    Melissa – Good! I’m not alone!

    Daffy & Fab – I did miss my daughter. But the hotel was quite nice and it’s always good to have time to yourself. 🙂


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