Over the weekend, my daughter and I made a trip southward to attend the Christening of my niece. I am the Godmother, and very proud to be.

When I first held my goddaughter, she cried and cried. But then I started talking to her in her language (mostly “a-gooo” and other babyspeak) and sticking out my tongue at her, which she thought was very funny… and we hit it off quite well.

I feel a special bond with all of my nieces and newphews.   I’ve been lucky enough to see all of them within the last two weekends, between my trip to Kansas City and my trip to Dallas.

Our plane trip yesterday was interesting.  We got to the airport at 8pm.   We had to check the baggage in with the carrier, then hand it over to TSA.   I wanted to tell them, “You DO NOT want to open this bag”, only because it was smashed shut in order to zip it shut.   I thought they might take it the wrong way.  🙂

My daughter and I were already exhausted.   It had been a long day.    Then the flight was delayed for an hour.  I informed my daughter.    She said, “shit”.    I had to laugh, then tell her to not say that word anymore.   She apologized, saying, “Sorry.. that just came out.”    (could have been worse, right?)

Then, the gate was changed, requiring us to go upstairs and take the tramway over to another terminal. 

We finally took off at 10:15pm.   My daughter feel to sleep immediately.  I fell asleep somewhere inbetween the flight attendant leaving me with coffee and picking up my coffee.   🙂   

We landed in Omaha just before midnight.   TLK said, “Mom… that flight felt like it was just 2 seconds.”  🙂



9 thoughts on “Christening

  1. irishpisky

    I have been flying solidly for the last 35 years and still detest it with the sheer boredom and cramped conditions, so if you can let me know what you fed to your daughter to make her think it was only 2 secs, I would be will to try it!

  2. Jen

    LOL I would have said to her…. ” My thought excatly” kids eh?

    You’re very lucky to be someones Godmother… and AUNT!! I’ll never be an Aunt. 😦 Damn brothers who don’t want kids! Why couldn’t my mother have had just one or two more of us. lol then I’d at least have a chance!

  3. irishpisky

    When our daughter was christened (by her grandfather minister, she soiled her nappy, bawled loudly and wasvthen sick over my wife’s new suit! An old friend said that she loved to hear the crying, as ‘that was the devil coming out of her’…..but she didn’t have to clear-up the mess!


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