It’s the Weekend…

.. and I’m not going anywhere. It feels odd. I’ve been away the last two weekends. I suppose I could have stayed in Dallas forever and been perfectly happy, really. It was so nice and warm and the company was quite good. I enjoyed that time immensely, and I enjoyed the weekend before (although I’m not quite as fond of Kansas City as I used to be) with my other brother’s family.

Me… being with my original family… a rare occurence.

My parents are currently vacationing this week in Natchez, MS. I bet it’s warm there, too. I only mention it because, while yesterday was in the upper 70’s F, today is not quite as luxurious.

My life… somewhat upside down. Someone will be along later to say, “It’s going to be fine.” I know it will be. Life has a habit of being fine, doesn’t it. There are blessings to be counted, there are things to look forward to you. For everything inbetween, there are Kleenex.   (and chocolate animal crackers dipped in cream cheese frosting)   🙂


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