My Day

I spent part of the day with an old friend of mine (well, she is young, but I’ve known her for a long time).   She has a new husband and a new baby I’ve never met.    I had fun talking to Lori, her husband Steve and little Kate (a happy, bouncy baby… my favourite).

I spent a couple of hours with my daughter at the fitness center… swimming.     It was fun, but something about swimming makes me very tired.

I came home and listened to something that someone very wonderful gifted me with earlier this week.. a hypnosis audio that has proven to be quite helpful.

Despite my day, I’m feeling a little sorry for myself.    My mind keeps wandering off to that happy place (you know, the one where we are sitting at the beach, pushing our toes into the warm, wet sand on a sunny day)  the hypnotist has me pick out….    I yearn for the happy place, but in odd moments it seems as though it should be unattainable.    A good part of me does not believe it is unattainable.   (This is what we call a double negative, yes?   A good part of me believes it is attainable.   There.)    Did I distract you enough?

Then I play, “Feeling Good“, play the hypnotist audio, and everything seems reasonably right with the world.    (Note to self:   Don’t forget the happy place exists.)


6 thoughts on “My Day

  1. punctuation

    The possible is always possible. Is what you want to attain possible? Yes? Then it’s possible, which means it’s attainable and if it’s attainable then it’s not unattainable.

  2. Bulldog

    I fear Ian is channeling Donald Rumsfeld . . .

    There are known unknowns.
    That is to say
    We know there are some things
    We do not know.
    But there are also unknown unknowns,
    The ones we don’t know
    We don’t know.

    . . . and I mean that in the most complimentary way. :o}

  3. irishpisky

    Methinks, Punctuation needs an attainable holiday…or maybe it is me who needs it now that I have tried again to understand that Rumsfeld nonsense!

    The end of the rainbow is of course where we find the pot of gold, but I am never quick enough to get there before someone else pinches the pot!

  4. punctuation

    lol – and I thought I was being quite logical. “Channeling Donald Rumsfeld” – heh heh, that sounds like an activity that would hit the tabloid headlines. Generally the stuff I say sounds more like I am channelling GWB in one of his flaky moments…

  5. Lisa

    Ian – GWB has a few flaky moments to choose from. 🙂

    IP – If you find the pot, let me know. 🙂

    Bulldog – heh.. 🙂 DR sounds a little confused. Lost and confused.


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