Dogs are so strange

This is the second time this week a dog has entered my house smelling like a dead animal.    I imagine the

retriever found a rabbit of some sort.   The other day, they both rolled and rolled in the grass.  I figured they were scratching their backs, but then the STENCH when they were done!

I didn’t even go to look.  I figured there must be something horribly rotten that they could not resist spreading all over their bodies.

Even the resultant bath did not help.   It took two days to wear off.


12 thoughts on “Dogs are so strange

  1. Lisa

    Ian – Well, Ginger did run around in circles smelling herself afterward. I can’t explain it, either. 🙂 If you do not like the smell, do not roll around on the dead animal. Rolling on it will not make it smell nice. Maybe that’s IT! She’s trying to actually HELP the dead uh.. smell better.

    IP – LOL… I guess I know a few of those. 🙂

  2. gemmak

    Ok guys, a short lesson on animal behaviour: Most animals are territorial to at least some degree and the natural smell (whatever it may be) of a ‘foreign’ beastie within what they consider to be their territory is seen as a threat, to be dealt with accordingly and so they try to cover up the foreigners scent with their own to, as they see it, reclaim their patch and ward off further attempts at a coup by the interloper. They manage this in a veriety of ways but I think among other things I can spare you the details of dogs anal glands and cat pee, you get the picture ;o)


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