Sick Day

The Little Kid woke up sick this morning with a temperature of around 100F (anyone seen any one of our two digital thermometers? Me, either… we had to use the forehead one.)    Last night, she threw up her dinner.   

This seems to be a trend at school today.  It may be food- related.  Who knows.

Then, I started feeling a little sick myself.

TLK dressed up in her best clothes today… dress… hosiery.. jewelery.. sequin headband.   I have no idea why.      She put on her Easter shoes and we went to the grocery for chicken noodle soup and some other essentials.   

We’re feeling better now, but not 100%, by any means.

It was at least nice to have a day off work, and it is quite nice outside… sunny.. in the upper 70’sF… 

How was your day?


P.S.  Your brownies are ready  😀


19 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. punctuation

    I have always called Chicken noodle soup Jewish Penicillin since it got called that when I was a kid (a hand-over from having a Jewish grandmother). It usually does the trick for people who are icky.

    BTW: There seems to be an extra “submit” box on this post, to quote a phrase “what’s all that about”? 🙂

  2. irishpisky

    Forehead thermometer takes me back to when these (or the equivalent)were used on bombers based on the Moray coast of Scotland to check for irregular temperature changes in various parts of the engines after a (training) sortie. Glad to see they have much more peaceful purposes now!

    Re your digital thermometers….I think there is a rule that if you buy two of something you will lose them both, but if you only buy one you will always know where it is!

    Today in the centre of Scotland, it is cloudy with a smirr (local word)? of rain in the air. Getting cars cleaned out. Should be brighter later on and will potter in the garden and go to visit friend who has just had heart surgery on Wednesday. Wife reported this morning that he had been caught by staff, in the lift, ‘just going down for a paper’.

    Hope your illnesses disappear soon!

  3. lisa

    Sorry, guys. I was reading through WordPress documentation last night and came across something about a submit box. I was going to see if I could customise it in some way, but then I fell asleep and just left it there. 🙂

    On my way to delete it now.

  4. me Post author

    Ian – Chicken noodle soup is the only thing I want to eat when I don’t feel well. There’s something medicinal about it. It DID seem to do the trick.

    IP – Sounds like you have a busy day ahead. I liked your story about the forehead thermometers. Interesting. I hope your friend who had heart surgery is feeling as well as can be expected.

  5. gemmak

    Jeez…now I’m confused too…there seems to be a ‘lisa’ and a ‘me’!

    What’s that all about then? ;o)

    Oh…and I never RTFM but thats just laziness not geekery!

  6. Lisa

    LOL… I am ME when I’m signed into wordpress and Lisa when I’m not. It’s all the same me. I’ll fix it later.

    I only read manuals when I have to, by the way. The plot doesn’t seem to be all that worthwhile, really.

  7. Anvilcloud

    Are you formerly the blogger Lisa whom I have known before? Seeing Gemmak’s comment up there leads me to believe that. Anyway, I hope this was a short illness. We recently had colds or whatnot that lasted for a month.

  8. Lisa

    AC: Yes! Good to see you here. 🙂 It was just a day-long illness and we are fine now. Colds for a month are just not what they’re cracked up to be, are they.


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