The Week Ahead

I sometimes check Johnathan Canier’s website for my horoscope.   It’s silly, I know.   How can one horoscope apply to millions of people?    Because… it’s vaguely written, but oh so well:

“Have you got a difficult week ahead? Should you be preparing yourself for stress, struggle, tension and trouble? Absolutely not! The planets are offering you strength and support. You will receive this all the more swiftly if you adopt a more optimistic attitude. Difficulties find it much easier to make their way into our lives when they realise that we are busily preparing for them. Work on the assumption that you face nothing you can’t cope with… and you will rapidly find that it is true. “


2 thoughts on “The Week Ahead

  1. Lisa

    That’s funny… I had no idea. When is your birthday? Mine is July 21.

    I think this site seems to be really accurate where Cancers are concerned. At the very least, it’s encouraging on a psychological level. 🙂


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