We’re having inclement weather.   First, there was a tornado watch.   Then, thunderstorms.   I wanted to go to bed (see how far I made it?), but I like to let the dogs out first.    I could not find Molly (the schnauzer) to save my life.  

Whenever I can’t find Molly, it has to dawn on me that there must be thunder going on.   She’s terrified of it.

I finally found her under the couch.   There is a crawl space underneath, just barely big enough for her.    I had to MOVE the couch to get her to come out, after several mentions of “cookies” and just asking nicely.. not doing the trick.

I had to actually GO outside, walk down the stairs and into the backyard to get them to do anything valuable, like PEE.    

At least it wasn’t pouring rain at the time.

The air is so thick outside, you could cut it with a knife.    It’s just one of the many weather pleasures in Nebraska.   $10 says it’s cool in the morning and very low humidity.   Hence the tornado warnings.


11 thoughts on “Thunderage

  1. irishpisky

    Is this ‘usual’ weather for you at this time of year?….or is it global warning?

    Scotland has always been known for rain, mist, cold, wind, dampness and general misery…..but not now!!

    The south of England has been getting hammered with heavy rain, and flooding, whilst we have been sweltering in the sun and heat…and the garden needs watering.

    So instead of going towards the equator for weekends away, we have been heading northwards to get the better weather.

    It may only be temporary, but I can hack it while the heat is here!

    So you will just have to explain to Molly that the weather will get better….and of course, no-one will notice if she does a pee in the rain!

  2. gemmak

    Ooooo a tornado warning :o) It’s probably not very pc to find that interesting but I’m not! Pc that is ;o)

    You need to get that dog a doggy ‘litter tray’, it would be used!

  3. Lisa Post author

    IP – This does not sound good… It’s only almost June and it’s sweltering? Let me guess, you have no air conditioning, either. Frankly, I could live without air most of the time, but I’m not so sure the dogs or the child would agree.

    Gem – As if! You can’t make a dog into a cat. 🙂 hehe

    Bulldog – You would know. I’m surprised you haven’t whipped out your tornado pics from the 1970’s. 🙂

  4. irishpisky

    Air-conditioning used in Daughter’s car at the weekend going north to Inverness. I never use my air-conditioning, -too expensive in petrol….I just open the window!

    When I was young, we used to blame strange weather on the ‘Sputniks’ (remember them?) which the Russians had sent into space!

    So now you blame the politicians or global warming!

    Finally….lot of blogs just now seem to be laying emphasis on pee and poo! Not a good omen for an old boy like me heading rapidly for retirement, senility and nursing home!!

  5. punctuation

    Didn’t Al Gore make a film about global warming rather than actually cause it (well, he probably helped cause it but no more than the rest of us)?

    Or is he like a herd of cows and unnecessarily making trouser coughs and thus helping melt the icecaps? I’m right, aren’t I? I bet if I Google “farty Al” I’ll uncover: Al Gore, The Flatulent Truth.


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