Up and down is what I am these days, probably thanks to sporadic taking of medication and a little pressure in my life that should soon dissipate to make room for something more.. happy.

Let’s see.   What did I do today?

Emailed Gem and Ian.

I sent text messages from the shower.     (I happen to be on call this weekend for work, so that explains the presence of the phone in the bathroom, at least)

Received an audio gift from my favourite poet.

I met my friend, Lori, for lunch here.    Thankfully, they have reintroduced tomato caprese to the menu, and that’s what I had.    Lori and I think this salad is the best thing in the world.   Well, almost.  TLK was there, too.   She chatted up a storm!

I took TLK to the pool for 2 hours.   I got quite toasty.   I even got into the water, which was nice, considering it was 85+ today.

Tried to wake the dead in Great Britain.  No luck.   😦   

Called my mother for a needed chat.

Received advice from my dad.

Emailed my brother.

Fixed dinner.  TLK reminded me that I had made her mac & cheese the other night, and she wanted that (speedy fix, thank you!).    I cooked up some steak I had in the freezer, sliced it up, added some onion, garlic and balsamic vinegarette, and ate that with a jacket potato.   Yum.   I did start out by cooking chicken, but lost interest in favour of the steak.   🙂

I ran out to the ice cream truck to get TLK some ice cream.  She was pleased.

I played with Facebook long enough to get some stuff in order.   🙂

Readded my Twitter account.

Thought about a new flat I’m hoping to rent, my life, the future, and this beer I’m drinking, which is helping quite a bit.   🙂


3 thoughts on “Rollercoaster

  1. punctuation

    But apart from that you didn’t DO anything? 😉

    Heh – I *really* must blog. I’m about to go and have a curry for lunch – the whole Theatre District is deserted as they are doing the second day of The Race For Life over in Campbell Park so I think I’ll nip out whilst the going’s good!

  2. daffy

    Aw, well I wish I could join you for a beer because after all that I think we deserve one.
    Mams and dads are just great aren’t they. My dad gives me advice all of the time and I am never under any pressure to take it… he always says, it’s there as an extra option.


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