The Gardens

I just walked through this gate and sat down on a brick wall to type this post.   This is the Gerald Ford Birthsite, a memorial to the 38th President  of the United States, who was born here.

The place is surrounded by flowers and waterfalls and a little gazebo is off to the side, showing a model of his original house and memorabilia.

I came here for peace and quiet, sun and chirping birds.  And writing.

My life is taking a turn.   Sometimes turns are hard to make, even when you initiate the turn and you know the turn is right.   It’s hard to admit failure sometimes.   Well, not hard to admit; just hard to accept.   But it is a part of growing and admitting that I am only human.   Sometimes you cannot make a square peg fit into a round hole, no matter how much you try to coerce it.   This is the negative side of the turn; the realisations that sometimes things just don’t work.

Then again, there is a peg out there that fits the hole perfectly.     It is a chance to grow in a positive way.. to learn new perspectives.. to experience new things, to feel as if you’re alive instead of just getting by.    This is the positive side of the turn. 


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