Ambien is my friend?

I had no idea Ambien could make you so doped up.   If you take Ambien or Lunesta, try a little experiement.   Take a pill, then 5 minutes later, start writing an email.   Try to pick a recipient who can take a joke.   You’ll SO appreciate it for reasons you are about to find out.   🙂

The goal is to write at least 4 or 5 paragraphs.  Don’t bother checking it over for content or punctuation.  You can’t really see anyway.   OR, what you can do is pretend you actually *are* coherent, and go back to add additional text.   It’s ok to put 10 or 15 “r’s” in one word.   And, you know what?   The equal sign *may* actually be a part of the alphabet.  

When you wake up later, just long enough to realise you’ve not sent your email yet, go ahead and send it.  

In fact, send it twice.

The next day, your recipient will tell you it’s quite alright; some words do seem to require an equal sign here and there.   There may even be something to this “Ambien vocabulary”.   

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!   🙂


8 thoughts on “Ambien is my friend?

  1. punctuation

    I still think your new vocabulary was inspired:

    MS S= Server. (Almost as short as txt spk).

    I particularly liked the paragraph about the London Eye – scientists from the Egyptology Department are trying to decipher those hieroglyphics as we speak but they’re struggling – I mean, ancient Mayan and Celtic runes were so much easier than your Ambien-inspired creations 🙂

  2. gemmak

    Lmaooooo….I once tried to ‘function’ in a chat room having taken a vallium, mostly I recall having my nose pressed to the keyboard trying in equal parts not to giggle or fall asleep whilst very er…’sensibly trying to work out why it wasn’t working ‘correctly’. heh.

  3. Lisa

    Ian – Leave it to you to have a different (good) perspective on things. It WAS quite funny! 😀

    Gem – LOL! Doing things a little drug induced is a little odd, isn’t it? Why won’t my email send?! Click.. click … click. hehe (oh, you got 5 copies of that?)

    Tan – Ambien = prescribed sleep aid. 🙂 (see? I can use “=” legitimately, too!


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