Something True and Something Funny and Something Yummy


True:  I’m finding that people can’t often “make you” feel or think a certain way.   This is something we do to ourselves, good or bad, depending on how we allow people to affect us.    

Funny:   My schnauzer understands British English, especially when the word “cookie” is uttered.     FING!     She flew out of my lap, almost taking the laptop and the cabling with her.     🙂   I’m not so sure a Toughbook would actually hold up to being flung across the room, but it was a fun experiment!  🙂

Yummy:  Yesterday, I went to a specialty store called “Spirit World”.    Not only do they have loads of alcohol available, but they also have a gourmet deli.    So on the way to the deli, I had 4 samples of wine.. one Nebraska-made wine VERY good… and then browsed around at various wine bottles.    Then I had the deli make a roast beef (medium-rare.. yum!) sandwich on wheat bread with cheddar, leaf lettuce, tomato and grainy mustard.    It was very good, and was so big that it lasted for 2 meals.   

I may be going back for wine later, but I need someone to share it with me.   I’m not sure a whole bottle of wine would be a good idea.


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