Having a Mission

I am not sure what it is that attracts me to self-help books and self-help websites.   Maybe it’s that I feel there is always room for improvement.   Certainly lately I haven’t been overly pleased with some of my reactions to things.     I may have a reason to be on-edge and maybe to be over-reactive, but does it really matter?   I really don’t think so. 

I have been reading a self-help book called, “What’s Holding You Back“, by Sam Horn.   I was reading a section talking about creating a personal mission statement, which I consulted with Google to attempt to construct.    I ended up on this site, which identified my stress level (medium) and then suggested what to do about it.   

Mind you, I have people who are there to support me every day (making some of these same suggestions), perhaps more than they should have to.    I say “more than they should have to” because  lately,  I worry like I sound like it’s “all about me”, when it’s not.    People have needed to reel me in or give me a sense of direction.   I sometimes feel badly about this.    The truth is:   Everyone needs help sometimes, and hopefully I reciprocate.   I really hope that I do.

Later, I’m going to have a look through these suggestions, in an effort to get back ontop of my life and help myself.   It doesn’t mean I don’t need anyone.   It just means that, hey, I CAN do something for myself, too.

Oh, and I’ll create a personal mission statement.   It’s supposed to be written, then posted in a prominant place so you can see it when you have trouble deciding how to handle something.   I think it will be helpful.


8 thoughts on “Having a Mission

  1. Bulldog

    “more than they should have to”

    Not at chance.

    I worry like I sound like it’s “all about me”, when it’s not.

    Of course it’s not . . . it’s all about ME.

  2. Jennifer

    You sound like you’re going through stuff that’s just piling and piling. I don’t know what it is that’s troubling you, but you definalty don’t pass as the ” all about me” kind of person. Just be thankful you have the friends and family you do. Knowing you’re loved is something very important.


  3. Melissa

    The mission statement thing reminds me of work. They seem to think we should memorize it. Let’s see, is it cruddy health care at an exhorbitant cost or is it quality care at a reasonable price? It’s hard for me to remember.

  4. sungirltan

    i made a mission statement back in 2004 – it had lots of boring crap like ‘go to the gym 3 times a week’ yes as if that might change my life. i should ammend it to ‘dont go to the gym ever again – thats 3 hours a week you cant ever get back!!’ but anyway i digress – the list worked quite well for me – i feel better ticking things off it and when things have not been acheived its good tool to inspire some self analysis – such as ‘is this goal just off the mark/not as important as when i wrote it/just irrelevent/actually why haven’t i done this etc
    good luck xxx

  5. Lisa Post author

    BD – lol.. It’s all about someone; that’s for sure. I’m sure lots of people have the “I don’t want to seem self-centered, but I need help” complex. 🙂

    Jennifer – Thank you.. that’s so sweet. I’ll mail you later.

  6. Lisa Post author

    Ian – Initially, I was surprised you scored high, but it makes sense. You seem to manage stress quite well, but then I am not there to see you hurling raw eggs out the window at random passersby. lol

    Melissa – Hmmm… are we talking YOUR hospital? 🙂 If you were my nurse, I would say “quality care” at least. The exhorbitant price is kind of a “given”. 🙂

    Tan – A sort of “to do” list, it sounds like… I’m not good with those… I keep a running list in my head. The ones that are not important, I conveniently forget about. 😉


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