About My Day

I showered, pressed my clothes, got dressed, did my hair, put on makeup, and attempted to wake up my daughter.    She is sick.   Stomach ache.   I tend to be a little wary where 7-year-old illnesses are concerned, but normally regret it later when a phone call comes mid-day saying, “Yes, I am actually sick, and now throwing up and I tried to tell you I was sick earlier.”

So I opted to call my office and explain TLK was not feeling well.   This was quickly accepted by my boss, which I appreciate greatly.   

The rest of the day involved cable tv, crunches (which I’ve been doing for about 5 days), reading the entire Internet and my email, a short walk and talking to my favourite poet (not to be underrated… this is always a happy part of my day).

TLK and I packed up after awhile and went to the grocery, where we picked up milk, bananas, Corn Pops, pasta past its due date (see how often I buy fresh pasta?), American cheese and fresh strawberries, which TLK insisted on (she has finally proven she was not switched in the nursery at birth).     We came home and I cooked dinner (pasta.. not the out-of-date stuff, though…and broccoli)

I started reading this site to learn about various things in the UK, mostly the government.

Tomorrow, back to work, I think.    TLK seems to be running a little bit of a temperature.  😦


7 thoughts on “About My Day

  1. punctuation

    Oh there’s definitely an end of the internet: http://www.endoftheinternet.com/

    Gem lives out in the sticks they are strange there; we’re much more refined here in civilisation. 🙂 My boss, as I think I’ve mentioned before, is a Lord – it even says so on his passport (he’s also a total plank – a fact strangely omitted from the same passport).

    p.s. MUSHY peas are LOVELY!

  2. punctuation

    Incidentally; the site you referenced has an “Glossary of English words and phrases”. It mentions “blimey” in there and the definition is correct but did you know that when I was a little boy my nan (maternal Grandmother) used to tell me that I should not say the word because the full phrase is “cor blimey” which she considered blasphemous as it is derived from the phrase “God blind me”.


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