19 July – Georgie’s Day

My grandmother’s name was Georgie Benita Osborne.   She would have been 90 years old today, but passed away shortly after Thanksgiving in 1989.

My grandmother lived 9 hours away from our hometown.    We travelled to see all of our relatives, who lived in this very small town in Illinois, once or twice a year.

I have fond memories of my grandmother.    She always prounounced my name without the “L”, which always sounded incredibly cute to me (she did it purposely, btw).    Anyone else, in a moment of familiarity, calls me “Leese”.

My grandma did roast dinners, and they were very good.    I remember she once picked one roast up from the butcher and he had been concerned about the quality of the beef.     She got up mid-dinner, and phoned him up to tell him it was perfectly fine.

Grandma seemed to be trying new recipes she’d picked up from a friend at the church or somewhere else.    She made doughnuts one day with cinnamon sugar on the outside.    “How to win over your grandchildren” was about the tune of it.   

By the way, you find out how “small” a small town is when your brother and your cousin walk out onto the roof of grandma’s house for 10 minutes.    By the time grandma gets home, she knows ALL about it.   🙂

Later in life, my grandparents wintered in the south of Texas in their mobile home.    I remember mexican goods being delivered to us on their way back home for the summer… talks of margarita parties (I may have picked up something from this) and visits to Mexico.

My grandmother was a real gem.   Happy Birthday!


3 thoughts on “19 July – Georgie’s Day

  1. irishpisky

    A stunningly-lovely woman! Hope you inherited her genes.!

    Interesting to know her age when the photo wastaken. You can’t normally your grandparents actually being young.

    Seeing a lot of older people in my profession, it really is sometimes difficult to imagine that they were fit young things at one time.


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