Gallavanting Around VA Beach

My mom and dad took us to the beach yesterday.     My legs know it.   What a great workout!

TLK just loved it.   She sat on the beach and waited for waves to come in.     Even though I was taking pics, I had to keep a good eye on her.   Afterall, she IS a fish and even though I warned her about a sharp drop-off, she doesn’t understand the difference between pool swimming and ocean swimming.  

The waves are a lot more forceful.

Even though I love beaches, it’s rare for me to actually swim in the ocean or any body of water involving fish.   It’s not that I’m afraid of them.   It is just not the recreational swimming I’m used to.    Ocean swimming becomes some sort of sport, where you have to win over the waves and the sand.

I may be up to it today.   You never know.


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