Award from Gem

A few days ago, I received a blogging award from my friend, Jane. She was very sweet in her remarks.   I’m supposed to forward this off to 5 other people:

1.   Gemmak’s Blogs: As she said, she’s been a close friend of mine for years, and knows me as well as only a few people in the world do. Aside from that, her blog keeps me entertained, especially with the cute cat videos. 🙂

2. Punctuation: Not only because he’s my boyfriend, but because of his very evident writing skills. The poetry is my favourite (if I had to pick something that is my favourite). 
3. Melissa, also a good friend; a nurse/attorney in California who shares a love of dogs and also posts about interesting (and sometimes gross) hospital things. 🙂
4. Bulldog… my dad who finally found one or two (or three) things to blog about.
5. Everyone else who I read on a regular basis, including emusings, mamabears, flighty’s plot, narcissistics anonymous, daffy, mike achim, fabulous, irish pisky, etc. You’re all in my blogroll for a reason.  🙂


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