What Not to Do in a Shop Parking Lot

I’m sure there is lots NOT to do in a shop parking lot, but here’s a good one:

Make sure you are putting your bags in the right vehicle.

Keep in mind that all white SUV’s look the same.

Just because you can open the door, doesn’t mean this is your vehicle.   People leave their cars unlocked.

The important thing is to have it occur to yourself, BEFORE you lock the vehicle, that is it NOT your vehicle.

When your mom comes out of the next shop and wanders over to a different car, this is a good sign that you have screwed up.   Your purchases now belong to whomever owns the wrong vehicle.

Luckily, the vehicle was still in the parking lot, and the lady who owned it was found in the second shop we went into and said, “Hey!  Do any of you own a white Mountaineer?”    Everyone laughed when the lady said, “Yes, that’s mine”.     

She was very good-natured about it, and we laughed about it, as she unlocked her car and let me pick out my bag from her stack and then go on my way.   

Too funny!     This will be one of those frequently-told “funny things Lisa has done” jokes for a long time to come, I’m sure.   🙂


10 thoughts on “What Not to Do in a Shop Parking Lot

  1. wakeupscared

    It sounds like one of those things that could happen to anyone…
    Still, it could have been worse… your mum could have come out just before you locked the “wrong SUV” which would, coincidentally have been the time that the security people choose to look at their little CCTV screens… in time to see you take the bags out of the wrong car and carry them over to the right one; which you know would lead to some sort of high speed chase and immorality on one of those “Police: Criminals in cars” shows they’re always running.


  2. Lisa Post author

    wakeupscared: yes… that would have been funny. lol I could have been on tv. 🙂

    I’m glad I’m entertaining. hehe I may never live this one down with my mom and dad. They will just add it to their list of Lisa-isms. 🙂


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