North Carolina

The beach in NC was different from the beach in Virginia.   They had pebbles under the sea, instead of sand.   We saw several jellyfish, and decided to stay out of their way.

North Carolina beach

North Carolina beach

I felt a little uncomfortable at this beach, as far as swimming was concerned.    My dad warned me that there was an abrupt drop-off between the area who could stand up in and the area where you can’t.    So we stood in the area where the waves broke on the shore.   The trick is to stand up right away when you’re knocked down.    Otherwise, you can get sucked back out with the wave (just a little) or you’ll get to ride the next wave further into the shore.   🙂       It all worked out, once we got the hang of it.
There are loads of other pictures here, including pictures from Kitty Hawk (First Flight Monument) and the Farmer’s Market.

6 thoughts on “North Carolina

  1. lisa

    Yes, we could have used a board. If we go out today, we must have one, and we’ll just donate it to my parents house for future visitors.

    I found scuba goggles in the sea the first day. Just inexpensive ones. TLK said I should find the owner. I explained that there were 3 million people on the beach and those goggles were laying in the sea… who knows where they came from. … or how long they’d been there.

  2. Lisa Post author

    Tan – The part of NC I saw was quite beautiful… no mountains or forests in that particular area, but lots of sea and beach. Do you have any photos of where you were?


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