Sensory perception*

1. Which of your 5 senses would you give up if you had to?

2. Which would be the last one you would give up?

My answers would be:

1.  Hearing, I suppose.  I would miss out on music and listening to poetry.    I could learn to read lips.    I’m not saying that I wouldn’t miss hearing, but of the 5, this would be what I’d be willing to give up first, if I had a choice (which is just theoretical… losing something is rarely a conscious, happy choice, is it?).

2.  Touch would be the most difficult to give up, for various reasons.   I like to feel the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair, the bubbles in the surf.. amongst other things.   Befot that, taste, smell and sight, in increasing order of difficulty to give up.   (taste and smell might go too hand-in-hand, actually)

*sparked by a conversation this morning   🙂


8 thoughts on “Sensory perception*

  1. irishpisky

    Having spent over thirty years helping folk who have, or who are, losing their hearing, I can see the turmoil it causes them and their family and friends,but I think that losing sight would terrorise me.

    Fear, and hence not wanting to go out alone, would cause me the greatest worry.

    Losing my sense of taste and smell might discourage me from eating so much, so that I could recover my sylph-like figure (LOL).

  2. Lisa Post author

    IP – I’m not so sure I’d mind losing my sense of smell, although it does come in handy for emergencies, like fire detection. Same with hearing, I suppose.

  3. Kate

    I think the first one I wouldn’t mind losing is hearing and the worst to lose would be sight – I would hate to be without that…. Lisa, There is a wee pressie waiing for you at my blog, Cheers Kate x.

  4. midwifemuse

    Very strange, we had this discussion last week because there is an appeal on TV at the moment for a charity raising funds for children born deaf + blind, that is really, really terrible. If I had to lose any sense it would be smell, I think, or hearing. Definitely would not want to go blind, you are at other people’s mercy to a huge degree, scary.

  5. lisa

    Kate – Thanks 🙂 I saw your blog. I need to blogroll you when I have two minutes to do it. 🙂

    MWM – How terrible. I hope they get the money they need. I was just reading a book talking about Helen Keller. She really enjoyed her life. Makes a person thankful for all they *do* have.


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