Living in Day-Tight Compartments

I have been reading, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie.   I know.. it’s another self-help book.   It can’t be helped.   (no pun intended)

It’s not been “all good”.   There was a chapter or two that had me thinking, “Wow… I can’t do this suggestion at ALL.    How depressing!”    But it didn’t last long.

I got to the chapter regarding “Living in Day-Tight Compartments”.   It’s about shutting off your worries about yesterday and not living in tomorrow.    It doesn’t mean “don’t look forward to tomorrow”, but it also doesn’t mean, “Always live for the possibility that tomorrow will be a bed of roses compared to today.”  

Initially, my thought was, “But I have a lot to look forward to in the future.”   Maybe I do.   But I’m not just going to hop over to tomorrow without any effort.   I’m not going to land in tomorrow without cultivating relationships and living in “the now”.    I can’t ignore today and pretend it’s tomorrow.   If I do, tomorrow may be a big disappointment.   I need to give today more attention.  😉

So today, after my long day at work, I turned up the radio, and indulged in tomorrow for awhile, but also thought about today, and the good things that are in today.     There are people who love me, who I love back.    I felt productive today.   I came home to less mold in my closet (literally).  My dogs are here, my daughter is to arrive shortly, and we’re going shopping for school clothes.   And I got out of the laundry once again because tomorrow is jean day at work.

Could I have asked for more today?   Sure, but why?   Save some good stuff for tomorrow, too.   🙂


4 thoughts on “Living in Day-Tight Compartments

  1. Jennifer

    But tomorrow I will have the five kids again, and my headcold will still be here… then what???

    Oh WAIT!! hey it does work.. see Adam is off tomorrow so I don’t have to go it alone. 🙂 WHEW!

    I love that you share this stuff.. I should read some of this stuff myself.

    And I LOVE love loveD shopping for school clothes. Why is it when we are all done with school we don’t still shop for “school clothes” hmmm.. I think I might just start 🙂

  2. Lisa

    Gem – Yes, I like philosophy. 🙂 and self-help books.

    Jen – Yes, it does work. 🙂 Shop for school clothes… ugh… are these YOUR school clothes or your kids’?

    PJB – Oh, yes it is! It’s a really good book. Things are more relaxing if you can just think about “now”. Trust me.


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