Prada Shoes (or not)

I saw these at a consignment shop in Virginia Beach.   Don’t you think they look odd?    They were $100, which I suppose is a bargain if you like them, and wear size 7.5 shoes.   🙂    Frankly, when I saw them, they reminded me of something that might be in the Wizard of Oz.   I know they’re not red or shiney, but they are gingham and straw-bearing in appearance.   Hmm…

It really does amaze me that people spend so much on shoes.   No offense to anyone.   🙂



7 thoughts on “Prada Shoes (or not)

  1. Melissa

    I don’t like people to look at my big feet, so I wear shoes that blend in and don’t call attention to themselves. I also prefer the longer, leaner look you get with shoes that match your legs or pants. I would definitely pass on those shoes.


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