Bits & Bobs

Good things:  This week, England had a bank holiday.  Next week, it is our turn.    3 day weekend, yay!  Oh, and boss on vacation all next week.    Hmmm… work from home whole week…   ok, no.

Wonderful things:    Supportive boyfriend to the rescue. :))  Hormones suck.   Boyfriend who deals well with hormones: priceless.

Good Ideas:   Laptop-free vacations.     This is the way vacation should be.    🙂  People can have more fun this way.   🙂  (I don’t practice what I preach, though, do I).

Oh, I am making much needed frozen Sangria.   Well “making” might be a strong word.


2 thoughts on “Bits & Bobs

  1. punctuation

    Women with excessive hormones on the loose are essentially A-grade chemical weapons waiting to go off. Luckily I seem to have a knack for bomb disposal. 🙂

    Sangria…mmmmm. I would love something like that myself today but I need to stop being ill with man-flu first since, as we discovered in my little experiment the other day, that “perhaps all that I need to make me better is to relax with a few glasses of wine” was, indeed, a wholly inaccurate statement and very nearly finished me off!

  2. Lisa

    Yes, we will need Twitter people to look after you at your new job. 🙂

    Would you believe I have never had Zinfandel that is not “pink Zinfandel”? It tastes really good, and I think it will be perfect for the sangria.

    I hope you feel much better today!


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