My daughter…

..  fell asleep while watching a movie.     Later, I went to kiss her cheek and  she woke up ever-so-slightly and started carrying on a conversation with me:



“Do I need to go fast or slow?”

“For what, honey?”

“I’m making this thing for my desk….”

“Do it any way you want, then.   I love you.”

“Love you, too”, she said, as she nodded off to sleep.


One thought on “My daughter…

  1. Brennig Jones

    Oh, I so get this! I woke up around 4am this morning and wanted to ask how to do the non-slipping thing so I could avoid skidding on the tiles like everyone else was doing but… Sophie was fast asleep and as I lay there wondering if it would be OK to wake her, I began forgetting what it was I needed to ask her.

    I don’t normally remember my dreams so this is a real occasion for me!


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