It’s almost October.   When you walk outside, you can feel it in the air.. the crispness, the setting in of Fall.   My favourite season.

There are no leaves turning colours, really, but school has started, the pool is drained, and all of the Halloween paraphenalia is in the store.  

More importantly, a flight is just around the corner, to visit my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend.   Your jetlag prevention ideas are warmly welcomed.   🙂


Work is keeping me surprisingly busy.    This is a good thing to keep me slightly distracted and able to focus on technical things.   I trained 3 new hires, and ordered 4 additional laptops, thinking, “Oh, please let the new hire bonanza stop.”   Really, having new hires is a good thing.  There are people needing clinicians, and we have plenty, it seems, to go around.     Although I dread training, I normally seem to manage well, and I actually enjoy the new people I am meeting.

Roll-outs… there are lots.   Last night, big upgrade to major software (not Microsoft, btw) which will require additional training classes for me to give.     And the upcoming, long-awaited week off  (23 days from now) has me scrambling to get projects I’ve been working on, finished off before I leave.   LOL.    I work better under a time crunch.   Rinse, wash, repeat.  (eek)  


I was just thinking… isn’t life funny?   One day, I hope everyone will know the feeling of imagining just what they want, and finding it.    

First they may have to scrape through some muck, or maybe they already have, to figure out what they want.  This is the key.    Sometimes muck might prevent them from knowing what they want.   I’m convinced that people have to actually come to terms with having been in muck to figure out where to go next.     

Off and on, I’m reminded of one of my favourite movies… Practical Magic, where the little girl decides she never wants to fall in love, so she conjures a spell for the only man she would be able to love, one she didn’t think would ever exist, so she never has to feel the pain of love not working out.   And then… much later…  along he comes… the man with one green eye and one blue, who knows how to flip pancakes.  So-to-speak.

And I smile.   If I had conjured a spell, I would have conjured up the man I’m in love with.   You can’t get much better than that.


2 thoughts on “Jumble-aya

  1. Melissa

    You only have one week in England? I need one week just to recover from the jet lag. But then, you’re younger and have a couple of fewer time zones to cross. Still, can’t you make it a few days longer?


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