September 13

Today, my daughter is 8 years old.  🙂

It’s been a good day.  It started with rushing through a shower, because we were in a hurry to open our presents, and we were meeting Ian on the webcam to open them.  🙂    After opening the presents, we got ready and drove to the balloon place to pick up this rather large bouquet of balloons, then to Whole Foods Market, where her party was.

We took a walk around the store, because they always have cheese out, and I love cheese.   🙂   We grabbed a drink, some wonderful soap and some ground coriander (paid for it), and went to the front of the store to meet the girls.

We made pizza and fruit kabobs, ate ice cream and birthday cake.  It was so much fun!   It was wonderful being in a professional kitchen.   They have some classes there I’d like to go to with Ian sometime…  Indian cooking.. Yum!

Then it was home for awhie, lounging around, more lounging around, trying to figure out the Nintendo DS we bought her (Nintendogs are hard to train!  “FOXY?”  “FOXY?”  Oh.. she forgot her name again!  DARNIT!), to ToysRUs to buy another game,  and then to Red Robin for dinner.

50 gourmet burger selections, and I had chicken breast.    Jamaican Jerk.  It was good.  🙂

I told TLK that Monday, I need to take up jogging (I may start tomorrow).  She said she’d try it with me at the high school track.   LOL.   We’ll see.

It was a good day.  😉


7 thoughts on “September 13

  1. wakeupscared

    Happy birthday to your daughter – sounds like a fun day for her birthday. Nintendogs are great – but yeah, they can be a bit of a pain until you get used to it/it gets used to you (but once you have the knack, you’ll find you’ve got hundreds of dogs (or however many it is the game lets you have))

    Hope the jogging goes well; it’s not a bad way to keep fit (and you’re reminding me that I should be making the most of the dry weather we’ve had these past couple of days and get a run or two in before autumn rain turns my canal into a swamp 🙂 )


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