Dead hamsters are not good fun.   😦     I went to give mine a grape today.   She was lying dead by her food bowl.    She was two years old, at the very least.. could have been more, since she wasn’t a baby when I bought her.

I was ok at first… short cry… out shopping.   Shopped and shopped… came home with one thing.   Cried some more, started to hyperventilate, tried the paper bag approach… didn’t work.   

Boyfriend to the rescue.    How does he get me to talk when I can barely speak?  lol

A good point:  at least she wasn’t a lab animal in a small metal box all her life.

I loved her little hamster feet and how she was the most hyperactive hamster in the cage when TLK and I picked her out.   When she came home, she calmed down quiet a bit.   She never used her wheel, but boy did she love to chew.    We even got her into the hamster ball a few times, and she was quite forgiving when one of us spun her, while the other one said, “Don’t do that!  She’ll throw up!”.


9 thoughts on “eep

  1. wakeupscared

    Earlier this year I lost my rabbit (I came out to feed her in the morning and she was lying in the run). It’s always a shock when they leave us – even though we know their life expectancy isn’t the greatest, they endure themselves to us in such a short time that their passing saddens us.

  2. Bulldog

    Sorry . . .

    I had hamsters when I was a kid. Life span is 2-3 years, so she was pretty geriatric, unfortunately. I remember losing mine, too – and that was a few years ago.

    Hamster fact: Almost all domesticated hamsters sold for pets are descendants of three survivors of a litter of eight found in Palestine in 1930.

    Whether it was one Adam and two Eves or one Eve and two Adams is apparently unknown. :o}

  3. daffy

    How strange that you have blogged this sad news when not ten minutes ago, I said to my daughter that I thought Bruce (our hamster) was looking a bit tatty and old. He’s ok, but he is just over 2 years old and he hates the wheel too!
    two to three years is about tops for a hamster I think…. not long enough when it takes about 30 seconds for you to fall in love with them!

  4. Lisa

    Mahala – It’s just weird that you’re allergic to hamsters. 🙂

    Ian – But my boyfriend was helpful. 🙂

    Wakeupscared – I used to have a couple of rabbits, although not in a proper hutch. You wish you could be with them when they pass away, don’t you?

    BD – Okay, then. lol

    Daffy – I think they avoid the wheel when they get old. 30 seconds is about right!

    Jennifer – Thank you.. 🙂 You HAVE been around for ages! hehe (ok, at least 2 years)

  5. wakeupscared

    Nodding about wishing to be with them when they go; a couple of my animals have passed and I’ve known they were going and I’ve been able sat with them and petted them and made them comfortable; but it’s always a shock when one moment they’re fine and the next time you see them they’ve gone. (hugs)


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