My neighbor, 3 doors down, has a Shiba Inu, named Foxy.    Foxy has become infamous, as well, as the Nintendog who took days to learn his name.

I was out with my dogs tonight, and the neighbor lady called me over.   I thought, “NOW what?”    The apartment dwellers seem to have complaints about stuff.   I’m not sure where they pull them from.    We’ll be polite and not guess, OK?

Anyway, this woman called me over, and I went to see what she wanted.    Mind you, after having the golden retriever take off half-way across America, she said, “Your dogs are lovely.  Your golden is so well-trained.”   (“Ha!” I thought… “Did you just see her run off?”)

She said, “I can always tell when your dogs are out because Foxy goes nuts!”  

They have a tendency to do this.   One dog up the way has a thing for schnauzers.   I’m not sure what that means, but its owner said so.     Also, nevermind that the dog next door is named “Ginger”, so any calls for my Ginger creates massive confusion.

I can’t help but look at “real Foxy” and wonder why his Nintendogs counterpart has trouble with even simple things, like learning its name.  🙂   But then, I’m sure we are just doing the Nintendogs thing wrong half the time.   🙂


11 thoughts on “Foxy?

  1. sungirltan

    um…a greyhound or a collie or a terrier but not the little ones with bows on their heads. actually i really like airdales. definitely not a poodle or a girly dog.i like staffies even though they are a bit chav and english bull terriers with the funny long noses and bull dogs and stuff like that.


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