A Week From Today

I will be on a plane en route to London.    🙂    The first leg of my trip was changed today, so that I leave earlier than anticipated.  Yay!     I have a few hours in the airport before taking off on the long part of the flight.     I’ve never been on a plane for 7 hours before.   This ought to be interesting.  I know.. I should be sleeping through it.    I’m thinking about getting some Benedryl to help me sleep.   I have Ambien, but the thought of taking a hypnotic on an international flight amongst people I don’t know…. not such a good idea, IMO.

I hope that the air traffic computer system is repaired by then.   😀   

My friend, Lori, invited me to lunch the Saturday I’m going to be gone.  I told her it was a tough choice, but I would have to meet her some other time.



9 thoughts on “A Week From Today

  1. Brennig Jones

    Nah Fletch. I think there’s probably no choice in it for Lisa. I mean, 7 hours in a small steel tube with 150 strangers speeding through the air at hundreds of miles an air in a continuing attempt to defy gravity, or lunch with a friend! Hmmm…. 🙂

  2. Lisa Post author

    Fletch – Yes, of course. Ian cooks a good lunch, you know. This is why I chose flying to London instead of staying in Nebraska with Lori. 🙂

    Brennig – I Believe I Can Fly…

    Gem – As if… you sleep anyway. 😉 At this time next week, we’ll be getting ready to come and see you and Fletch.


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