Please excuse my Vulcan ears and floppy clown feet

I’m off to London in the morning.    I’m excited!    My camera is packed.   The passport and boarding passes are ready to go.   

Everything is arranged.

By this time tomorrow, I will be just a few hours away from London.     It’s going to be amazing.   Ian’s going to be up ultra-early to pick me up and Gem is going to be waiting by the phone (ok, and by her computer) to hear the plane has landed, and that I’ve arrived safely.  

I’ll be the one with the pointy green ears and the floppy clown feet.   🙂


7 thoughts on “Please excuse my Vulcan ears and floppy clown feet

  1. Silverback

    You could’ve written my blog post for today – but in reverse of course.

    In 90 mins I’ll be off to the airport to fly to London too. Thankfully for me I’ll then fly on to Miami, leaving this sucky weather behind me for 6 months.

    Hope you have a fabby time here Lisa and if Gem has anything to do with it, I’m sure you will.

    Have fun girls.

  2. gemmak

    Shut up Fletch! :o)

    Have a fun flight you, you’ll have a hat over those ears, it’s cold here! heh. I’ll be the one you can hear in the distance WOOP-ING all the way from Cambridge when you land ;o) ‘See’ you Saturday flower….wow, I can actually say that this time and mean it!!!! :o)))

    Spider pig….spider pig…..


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